About Us

Global School Leaders’ Consortium( GSLC ) - is a Global community of school leaders started with an aim to facilitate the synergy of ideas among the schools across the boards, for Excellence in Education.

GSLC structure is set upon a collaborative approach for sharing Knowledge as well as learning and exchange of best practices.

Re-modelling and Re-fashioning of educational practices can only be attained when an entire group or team is committed to achieve a common goal.Thus GSLC introduces the relevance of co-operative learning and collaborative networking


GSLC looks forward to be a Pioneer in School Leaders’ community where everyone collaborates to learn, share, help and thrive.


GSLC’s aims to act as a true partner to Institutions in pursuit of excellence and caters a Stage to interact and share views & knowledge on education and its resources from around the World.

Why Should You Join? -

  1. Collaboration is a key to success in 21st Century, That's why GSLC is a community which brings the brightest minds on a common platform.

  2. GSLC help the Schools to strengthen them through sharing of best pratices, Events and resources.

  3. GSLC help the school leaders to provide the latest updated information.

  4. GSLC help the Schools by collaborating with policy makers and influencers.

  5. GSLC help the School Leaders in professional development thru its various learning programs.

  6. GSLC also collaborate with Edtech and corporates to impart the latest tools and programs to enhance the teaching learning process.